Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring 2012 Events

Saturday, March 31st - Holistic Health Fair: Free demos and information on new programs and workshops by Roslyn Elena McGrath. 10 - 4 at Upfront & Co, 102 E. Main St., Marquette, MI.

Saturday, April 7th - Painted Inspiration: What would it be like to let the colors of your soul sing? To have a reflection that reminds you each day of your inner wealth and beauty? Artist/healer Roslyn Elena McGrath will guide you through a simple, powerful meditation and painting process for connecting with and reflecting your inner world. Deeksha blessing and all suplies included. LIMITED ENROLLMENT. Pre-registration required. 1 - 5 pm at Joy Center, 1492 Southwood Drive, Ishpeming. Fee: $45, $38 with pre-paid registration by April 2nd to ILC, PO Box 583, Marquette, MI 49855. For more info., contact (906) 228-9097,

Sunday, April 15th - "Activating Your Wisdom & Wellness” at Unity of Inner Peace. The service is from 10 – 11 am at the Federation of Women’s Clubs House on the corner of Front & Ridge, across from the Peter White Library. This will include a group experience of Soul Body Fusion® a powerful, natural process that increases alignment between your body and soul, making your more magnetic to what truly suits you. All are welcome to attend.

*Soul Body Fusion® private sessions, both in person and by phone, are available at a 20% discount now through April 30th. Each person's experience of Soul Body Fusion® is unique to them and to the particular session. Here’s what some have to say about it:

I am at peace. Wow, it's been awhile. I've forgotten how this feels. I am calm. I’d been dragging, feeling disconnected, and it was getting to where I didn't want to deal with people. I feel alive, energetic, and happy to see others, in a way I haven’t in a long time!

The session of Soul Body Fusion ™ was like coaxing my soul to relax in this comfortable, safe body that is ready and waiting to take me in.. . . I no longer worry about what others think of me or what my body looks like. . . It really is just fine to be me inside and out. – L. Corsten

I let things go much more quickly and worry much less about things, more trust. . . when something painful has come up, I have not resorted to any numbing behaviors, but instead stay present, work out, meditate. – T. Kahke

I had a gestalt experience with flashes of different times in my life where I believe, my soul returned. . . My experience was laced with Grace and humility as important people in my life came to me and kissed me on my third eye. I do feel more integrated since the session. It was a wonderful experience! – K. Kee

*The Summer 2012 Vibrant Living Workshop with Kate Rose & Roslyn Elena McGrath, Creating from the Inside Out: Empathic & Vibrational Healing & Art, will be held Aug. 25th & 26th!
More details to follow!

Coming this fall - Soul Body Fusion® Training Sept. 8th & 9th, in Marquette. This will give you everything you need to facilitate Soul Body Fusion® for yourself and others. You can learn more about Soul Body Fusion at, and on the Health Sessions page of this website. Stay posted for more info. on the training!